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Application for extraordinary membership

The application for extraordinary membership is intended only for individuals who want to act as IOB representatives and organize a national association swimming pool in their countries.
Organizations that want to apply a full IOB membership for their country should contact informally directly to the IOB office.

Statues of the IOB

Statues in the non-official version in English.
download: IOB-Statutes (non official version) (4,035 kB)

IOB T-shirt for 15 €

The IOB T-shirt shows the word for «swimming pond« printed in different languages on white cotton and on the front part the IOB logotype.              more

Brochure: Performance of Public Swimming Ponds

The first overview of hygiene in public pools with biological water purification edited by IOB.
Based on information of DANA database and other non published investigations, IOB has compiled the most actual knowledge about the performance of public swimming ponds.

Edition Autumn 2013, 48 pages, prize 30 Euro plus shipping costs. To order, please, send an email to

What is DANA?

DANA is a web-based databank system for swimming pools with biological water purification which offers all the capabilities needed for an effective quality management.
download: DANA IOB E.pdf (104 kB)

Minutes of the General Assembly