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The International Organization for natural bathing waters (IOB) is the governing body of swimming pond experts.

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The International Organization for natural bathing waters (IOB) was founded on 29 September 2009 on the occasion of the 5th International Congress swimming in Merano. It is an umbrella organization: 12 national swimming pond organizations are currently united to form the international federation. In 2011 IOB represents more than 600 individuals and companies that deal primarily with planning and construction of natural swimming pools.

Objectives of the IOB are the promotion and distribution of natural bathing waters with fully biological water purification. This is achieved by consultation between politics and administration, in the formulation of policies and as well as consultancy about statutes and laws concerning bathing in natural bathing water. IOB supports the member associations from various countries through exchange of experience on planning, construction and operation of semi-natural bathing waters, and by publishing all kind of information.

An important task of the IOB is also supporting the development of other countries organizations. The IOB organizes conferences and seminars, coordinating the training and retraining of the national associations as well as the biennial International Congress for natural bathing water. Regarding the international aspects IOB supports and promotes investigation and research related to the subject of natural bathing water.

The IOB is organized as a registered association under German law and has its headquarters in Bremen, Germany. It is backed by a five-member board, headed by an executive secretary, which is controlled in its work by the Assembly of National Associations (members).

The IOB is the exclusive international distributor of DANA, a web-based database system for swimming pools with biological water treatment, offering all the features of effective quality management.