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November 12, 2011 (Bonn, Germany)

New FLL directive for public swimming pools with biological water treatment

Since 2003, the various requirements are addressed in the recommendations for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of public swimming and bathing pool plants of the FLL.
In recent years, several research results presented a lot of experience with swimming and bathing pond plants that were built after the 2003 edition. This has prompted the FLL to revise the 2003 edition of the recommendations. Here, the content of the rules in the practical application has been reviewed, supplemented by new discoveries and developed new guidelines for the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of swimming pools with biological water treatment (swimming ponds).
Particularly noteworthy is the close cooperation with the German Society for the bath industry e.V. (DGfdB, rules of the donor in swimming pool construction), the German Society for natural bathing e.V. (DGfnB) and the German Swimming Association e.V. (DSV). Since so-called public swimming and bathing pond plants have evolved they turned out to be an integral part of the public swimming facilities in Germany. Due to normative and legal liability, the name swimming pools with biological water treatment has been fixed. By establishing principles and requirements for planning, construction, maintenance and operation of swimming ponds with biological water treatment, water quality is ensured, the intended operation and compliance with the requirements are defined. By creating juridical security and the cooperation between contractors, designers, suppliers, construction companies and operators turns easier.
Based on the requirements defined in 2003 the guideline committee has in particular revised the dimensions of the water treatment and the determination of the nominal number of visitors.
An important data base for this was the 2010 first completed DANA research project (founded by the DBU - German found for environment), a database system to optimize the reliability and energy efficiency of natural swimming pools. As part of this project data were collected and analyzed from 34 natural public pools over a period of 9 years.
The current basis of calculation and the corresponding formula are part of the rules. For the user, was developed a PC help tool (dimensioning program). The FLL provides the rules and regulations both as a booklet, as well as download-version. Furthermore, one can choose whether to acquire the rules of calculation program as a PC version (for 169 €) or no calculation program (for 33 €). Orders can be sent via the online shop of the FLL website, by e-mail or fax to the FLL office.
The FLL guidelines will be soon available in English as well.
Tanja Büttner, FLL

download: Order form (german version) (122 kB)