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September 29, 2010 (London)

Mini-Conference of the British Association

Tim Evans, Steve Day and David Nettleton of the board of BANSP gave an overview of the current natural swimming pool projects on the island and a brief history of the British swimming pond construction, which began in 2001, with a winning project on the famous Hampton Court Flower Show. A project that was only shown at the garden show for a few days and then had to give way to the palace lawn. Udo Schwarzer and Stefan Bruns expressed by the IOB an overview of the swimming pond industry in Europe as well as an introduction to existing regulations in other countries.
Of great interest was the exchange with representatives of the swimming pool industry who were invited to the event and like all admired the beautiful swimming pond existing at the conference center, a college for garden and landscape constructores.
For more information about BANSP in the IOB-Newsletter 4.